Scarfitecture invited seven internationally renowned architects to create an image to be woven into textile by artisans of Ecolibri using a back-strap loom and sustainable materials such as naturally dyed threads and reclaimed/recycled thread. The project aimed to weave the worlds of contemporary architectural design with ancient techniques of Indigenous textile craft.

Architects include Chris Sharples (SHoP Architects), Juan Carlos Matiz (Matiz Architecture + Design), Dukho Yeon (Meier Partners), Ali Soltani (Soltani + LeCercq), Winka Dubbeldam (Archi-Tectonics NY), Anna Dyson (Yale CEA), and Galia Solomonoff (SAS/Solomonoff Architecture Studio).

Artisans include: Ana Maria Mendoza Perez, Michaela Ujpan Mendoza, Gloria Nimacachi Yaxon, Evan Concepcion Sjuin Chiyal, Herlina Barreno, Sabina Perez Mendoza, Maria Mejila 


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